Kelium95 is a retro computing and open source gaming community.


Kelium95 was founded on the 24th of March 2018 by Prizmd950 for the discussion of retro tech.
On the 31st, EightMegsAndConstantlySwapping started our first game server, the 'modded'
OpenTTD server. From there we gained a vanilla server to complement the 'modded' one on
the 30th of June. The current OpenArena CTF server was launched in August with a weekend of
5 minute matches and a poll in which players could vote for the best map. This weekend was used
to whittle down the map rotation to the best of the best maps. This website came about on the
18th of September 2018, this little history paragraph was written at 11:34pm on that day :)

Server IPs

OpenTTD Vanilla139.59.191.1642311

594 visitors so far!